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Non-Profits We Support

Friends of the Thread

The Thread is an environmentally sensitive, non-motorized, multipurpose trail designed to increase the health and wellness of the community through providing a safe environment in LaGrange, Georgia for fitness, recreation, transportation and special events. Plans for The Thread Master Plan were unanimously adopted by the City of LaGrange on September 27, 2016, with construction slated to start in March, 2017 on the “model mile” at Granger Park and a goal to complete the first 13 miles by the end of 2022. Currently, The Thread has a total 29 miles of trails planned.

Pedal Forward


Pedal Forward a Community Bike Shop
One day Alex was down at Pioner and he was pulling out of his parking spot when all of a sudden this kid on his bike slammed into the back of his truck. Alex rushed out of his truck thinking he ran this kid over. The kid immediately apologized. Alex just wanted to make sure he was okay. So he tied a t-shirt around his scrapped up leg & realized that his bike’s brakes weren’t attached. Alex helped him attach his brakes back & the kid went on his way. Alex came home, walked in the door, looked at me and said:
“We need to start a bike shop for these kids.”



Alabama Rural Ministry

Our Vision

Transformed rural communities with sustainable homes, strong families, and strategic community partnerships for the glory of God.

Our Mission

We are discovering, developing, and deploying spiritual leaders who, as disciples of Jesus Christ, minister with rural and under-resourced communities to create sustainable homes, strengthen families, and build strategic community partnerships for the glory of God.

We believe Christ’s love must be expressed in action to people in need. ARM is a hands on ministry; responding to people through Christian love with an emphasis in home repair and children’s ministry-it’s all about building the family!

Alabama Rural Ministry coordinates home repair efforts and children’s day camps in rural areas of Alabama. We are interdenominational but are connected to the United Methodist Church. All denominations are welcome to come and serve!

Our Values

  • Christ-centered
  • Compassionate servant leaders
  • Intentional strategic partnerships
  • Creative and thoughtful stewards