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How do I find good events?

How do I find good events?   

Events are great! I highly recommend doing them. Every time I participate in a cycling event, I meet people from all over the country and depending on the event size and location the world. I have relationships with people I have met at events, I follow on Strava all year until I see them again at the event. Another thing is, you get to see lots of different bikes. You may see that next bike you are thinking about, and talk with someone who is riding one before you buy. Sometimes depending on the size of the event there will be vendors who will have the latest in fashion, gadgets and tools. Here are some event finding ideas.

Idea #1; Ask at your local bike shop. Yep number one best way to learn about rides is to ask those who ride. Most of the time some one at a bike shop will be rider. Freebee! If no one at your local shop rides, get a new shop.

Idea #2; Internet search. You know that open space in the middle of the Google page? Type: “bicycle ride or event in my area” make sure you type bicycle not bike or you might find yourself riding with a guy named “Maddog” who is riding a Harley Davidson.

Idea #3 Facebook; most every sizable event in the country has a Facebook page and they post their up coming events on it. Here a few I know about to get you started.

Idea #4 Event registration sites. There are all kinds of events that use companies like or to list and keep track of the registrations. These companies list the events on their website. Here is a link I have used to find stuff know one knows about

Ride Safe!