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How do I set a goal?

Someone said once “If you don’t have a goal you are sure to reach it” You can set a goal at any time, it just happens to be at the first of the year, so logic dictates setting a goal now. I wanted to give you three rules for setting goals but there is so much I had to make it seven. Good news! You can have the last four for free. 

Rule #1 Setting obtainable and reasonable goals. You want to set goals high enough to stretch without making them too high. Losing 100 pounds or riding 10,000 miles in a year, when you just finished a meat lovers pizza or bought a bike from a big box store might not work. 

Rule #2 WRITE IT DOWN! Let me be clear on this point. Goals are in concrete plans are in sand. If you don’t write is down it is a dream. There are going to be times while chasing your goal when you are going to want to quit. If they are not written down you cannot go to them and say I will not give up. 

Rule #3 Tell someone about you goal. Oh no! say it is not so. Yes, it is so. You want to be serious about reaching that goal, get someone to keep you accountable. Tell a workout buddy, work mate, friend, pastor or if you are really serious tell your spouse. 

Rule #4 Make a plan. The best way to reach a goal is to set a bunch on little goals along the way. Call them bench mark goals. When you have set a goal then find a cycling, running, swimming, weight lifting, birdwatching, event in the near future. Then sign up and pay for it. Now train toward it. 

Rule #5 Celebrate. You worked hard. When you ride that event, reach that mileage, reach that weight. Brag about it, tell everyone, pay yourself with a gift. 

Rule #6 Stay motivated. Big danger here is you see a little success and you get comfortable. Right after, and I mean right after reaching a bench mark, review and repeat rules 1-4 till you get to 5. 

Rule # 7 Find you a padawan. The best way to keep yourself on the grow and motivated is find that other person who is lying to themselves, thinking they are reaching for the stars but are laying in the muck and teach them about the 7 rules.

Ride Safe!