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Ronnie Sivell

Ronnie, who is known to many in the LaGrange are by the nick name “The Diesel Goat” is an avid rider. Along with a single speed Ronnie possess a nearly total Trek stable of bikes, that include; Crossrip, Domane, FX, and 5200. He told me once that riding different types of bikes is how to get stronger. I cannot argue with someone who consistently rides 10,000 per year. He recently retired the single speed he had and replaced it with a new State Bicycle 6061 Black Label. The flipflop wheel allows him to set up a 48/16 gear combo that he can quickly change out if he needs a little more zip. It is great to ride with Ronnie and take on the challenge of finding a road he has not been on. When he shows up to the group ride on his SS you know the pace is going to be high. You can find Ronnie riding Troup, Heard, Coweta, Meriwether and Harris counties nearly every day and follow him on Strava.  

Ride Safe